Colour in your coralsAQUAFOREST was established in 1995 in the UK. Initially the company mainly dealt with the production of substrates and fertilizers for aquatic plants. Our products have been used in institutions such as zoos, Aquariums, professional plant farms. In 2006 part of the production was moved to Poland, where we grew aquarium plants, which expanded to fish breading and corals cultured, mostly SPS. With the development of our company and growing needs of our clients on marine animals increased maintenance costs. We started production of chemicals required for salt water aquariums, for purpose of costs reduction. After the research and numerous tests, we found the most effective configurations to make coral farming easier and most importantly, much cheaper. To meet our customers needs, at the beginning of 2011 we started production under the own brand name AQUAFOREST ™   intended for retail customers.

Distribution Offers

We are a company, which looks forward to working with shops in the UK and Ireland. We can supply shops in the country with Aquaforest products at attractive prices. If you are interested, please contact us using contact form available on our website or send inquiries to the following address info@aquaforest-reef.co.uk

Ours Team